What is the difference between Cryolipolysis and surgical weight loss? November 18 2014, 0 Comments

Unlike surgical methods of fat removal which cause pain, no discomfort is caused by the Lipolysis beauty machine. Surgical fat removal needs several surgical treatments, but with cryolipolysis only one session is needed. The results will last for a year. With regular exercising and by following a strict diet, fat can be prevented from accumulating back in the body.

Benefits of cryolipolysis treatment:

The biggest benefit in using this Cryolipolysis treatment over other forms of fat reduction procedures is that there are no side effects. You experience no bleeding or scars.

There is no need to undergo any anesthesia during the procedure. It is not intimidating like invasive surgical fat removal processes. There is no pain or extensive recovery time afterwards. Since the fat cells are destroyed in a normal process, they do not come back, giving a long lasting solution to stubborn body fat.

You can go about doing normal activities after a session without any difficulty. A session will take a little more than an hour. There is no need to stay in the treatment center after surgery. You start experiencing results three weeks later and this process goes on for a period of three months.

You can also visit this video to know more about cryolipolysis treatment: